Bias Against Bodies

I pitched and produced a five-part series on anti-fatness called Bias Against Bodies, which aired on WBEZ’s daily talk show Reset throughout January 2023. For each segment linked below, I pitched the idea, prepped our host, researched and scripted the segment, booked and pre-interviewed guests, line produced tapings, and cut the final audio:

  1. The argument for a weight-neutral approach to exercise and fitness (22 minutes)
  2. Why two Chicagoans decided to travel with other plus-size women (17 minutes)
  3. Plus-size fashion:
  4. Why is it still legal to fire someone for being fat? (18 minutes)
  5. Medical fatphobia:

WBEZ’s Reset

You can find all 80+ segments I’ve produced and co-produced for WBEZ’s Reset here. Some other highlights: